Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Losing My Best Friend

          Tonight I came into my computer room to see my dog searching around the computer chair.  I realized that she was confusing the voice of a person on a video that was playing with mine.  She couldn't see well enough to tell if I was at the desk or not.  Before I say anymore let me tell you that this "animal" has been more of a friend to me than any human ever cared to be.  I don't even know how to express how much I love this dog.  For the first 5 years we were never apart.  She went everywhere with me.  She even went to stores with me and waited out front till I was done shopping.  She would patiently sit and look through the glass of the door, walking to one side when a person would leave.  People were amazed at her behavior.  Kids would call to her.  Some even tried to coax her away with treats, but she would sit at that door all day if she had to.  Nothing would deter her until I came out, then she would spin in exuberance at my return.
          I don't know how to explain what I'm feeling right now.  I've had what most would call an extremely tuff life, but nothing has ever made me feel like this.  I've never had a person in my life that loved me.  Sure there have been people that said they loved me, but their actions were contrary to their words.  Daisy, my dog, never said a single word to me, but in her silence she loved me more than my own mother could.
         I know she is just a dog, but I can't help but feel I am losing a piece of myself.  I don't want to go in to too much detail and divulge anymore of my personal life than I have to, but this animal was my only friend through a very dark period in my life.  One in which my own family had banished me from their lives.  All the while my dog remained happy to see me each and every time I showed up.  Now it's many years later and I've cleaned up my act, but only to lose the one "person" who never wavered in their love for me.
         I keep telling myself that death is one of the most important parts of life, that without death life would be less valuable.  After all the finite time we have on this planet is what makes each and every moment so precious.  Even though we rarely see that until times like these.  I heard a quote once that God put dogs on earth to set a good example for us people.
         I'm rambling.  No one will ever read this, but like I said, this dog is my only friend in this world, so who else would I tell?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Honest Politician

          I know you are waiting for the punchline with a title like that. LOL I've been watching video of this guy Ron Paul.  This guy seems too good to be true and honestly I'm a bit scared I will happen upon a cache of videos of him contradicting everything he seems to stand for today.  Have you noticed that there don't seem to be any "bad" speeches?  I mean Clinton with his "Could you define 'is'?" and "Bush with... well I don't think I need to add any examples of his shortcomings. -smile-  This man Ron Paul took me completely by surprise.  I honestly had no idea that anyone in the government felt as he does.  Let alone, had the balls to voice it.
          I'll admit I've never been much of a follower of political "nonsense".  I call it nonsense because I always had the sense that I was being lied to by any person I saw running for political office, and the policies they presented always felt very light and ineffectual to me; more for show than for effect.  Lately though, the problems our government is discussing actually effect me.  So I go to youtube for to watch news as we all know that it is impossible for mainstream media to be impartial, and what do I see?
          Ron Paul's "What if Speech".  I don't mind telling you I almost cried.  It was the feeling you might get if you were to see a press conference in which a major CEO was announcing that his company had set record profits and he was sending $1000 to every man, woman and child in America because they had made it all possible.  Yes, this guy evoked that strong an emotional response from me.  Up until I started watching this guys speeches I was ready to defect to Canada.  Seriously.  I felt that what ever merit our country had was long gone.
          I almost don't know if it would have been better if I had never seen or heard of Ron Paul.  At least then I could let America implode knowing that there wasn't a shred of decency in our government.  But now... Shit.  I mean I was looking forward to the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  But if Ron Paul can stand up to a corrupt and pathologically near-sighted government, then the least I can do is care.  Problem with caring is it breads action.  So thanks Ron.  Now I won't be happy till I see the FED dismantled and have a pocket of actual money (gold).
          Have you heard this guy speak?  He sends goose bumps over my whole body.  This guy may not be right about everything that he says.  I'm not smart enough to make that assertion, but he is honest.  And at this point, if nothing else, I'd vote him into the presidency just so I could say our first and last president were honorable men.